The P6 is our introductory 6 hour adventure race (run/walk/mountain bike/tubing) and the lite version, the P3, which has no mountain bike stage and is 3hrs instead of 6hrs!

Based at a secret location (within 90 minutes of Auckland) which is revealed in the week of the event.

Teams of 2 or 4 compete in a 6 or 3 hour event, to collect as many points as you can.  It’s a stage type event with a central transition area – you decide how far to go and how many points to score.  It’s a mix of running/walking (you choose the pace!), mountain biking (6 hour event only), navigation, team work and mystery activities.


For updates and the location reveal – refer to the FACEBOOK PAGE for this event.


The event will involve mountain biking (6 hour event only), run/walk, paddle (tubing), simple navigation, team work/strategy and mystery activities. You will need to provide your own mountain bike (for the 6 hour option) and you’ll need a car sized inner tube for the paddle activity- one for each team member.  We usually have a course with lots of variety so if this is your first adventure race don’t be freaked out by 6 (or 3) hours – it will be broken up with mystery activities and run over multiple stages so its not 6 or 3 hours of hard out go go go!


There will be a mixture of formats during the day.  However, most stages will be rogaine style where you decide which checkpoints you’re going to get.  Please ensure you read the instructions in your race pack carefully.

In general the object of the day will be to get as many points in the timeframe as possible.  You can get points by navigating to checkpoints or by completing mystery activities.

Each checkpoint is worth some points.  The more experienced may get all of these optional checkpoints, other teams only a few.

Throughout the day you will have the opportunity to do mystery activities to earn bonus points.  These are at the event centre unless specified and are voluntary unless specified and can be done in any order.

The amount of time on your feet/bike is dictated by your teams ability and fitness.

Please read the page in your racepack with the Checkpoint Descriptions carefully as it outlines when you are allowed to do certain things – stages and mystery activities.  Maps and checkpoint descriptions will be released throughout the day but we’ll provide an overall summary of the day in your racepacks.

If you finish later than 6 hours of race time (or 3 hours for the P3) – 30 points per minute will be deducted for each minute/part minute you are late.  Your team is “timed out” if more than 30 minutes late.

You are welcome to finish before the time limit is reached, as the result will be determined by your teams points scored (checkpoints score plus mystery activities score).

The main idea of the day is to have fun!!


The event will be at a secret location within 90 minutes of Auckland. The final location will be announced in the week of the event and we’ll leak some clues out in the weeks leading up to the event.


Competently swim a minimum of 50 metres (or you can wear a buoyancy aid)  and at least one member of the team should be able to carry out simple navigation


The event is for teams of 2 or 4 people.  For 2018 we will also trial a solo category.

3 person teams can enter but will be entered into the 4 person category and will not be eligible for merit prizes.

Corporate Teams must include at least one female and and all team members must be in permanent employment at the same organisation.


Because we are using a stage type format NO support crew is required.  All transitions will be in a central area (at your car) so you can do these by yourself.




Registration at the venue

 From 8am
From 11am

Race Briefing







soon-ish after finish
soon-ish after finish


Each P6 Team will need:

A good first aid kit (must contain as a minimum: 4cm width crepe bandage OR tri-angular bandage, a non-adherent dressing or gauze pad, 20cm fabric plaster strip, 4 plasters), bike pump, bike toolkit and mobile phone.

Each P6 person will need:

A car inner tube (at least car wheel sized – available from most tyre shops or if you can’t find a tube, a large swimming ring), mountain bike (for the 6hr option) weatherproof parka, thermal gloves and hat, polypropylene, a survival blanket, and a whistle.

Each P3 Team will need:

A good first aid kit (must contain as a minimum: 4cm width crepe bandage OR tri-angular bandage, a non-adherent dressing or gauze pad, 20cm fabric plaster strip, 4 plasters) and mobile phone.

Each P3 person will need:

A car inner tube (at least car wheel sized – available from most tyre shops or if you can’t find a tube, a large swimming ring), weatherproof parka, thermal gloves and hat, polypropylene, a survival blanket, and a whistle.


If you are not a confident swimmer (say you’re not comfortable to swim 50 metres) or under 16years then we strongly recommend you wear a life jacket for the tubing section.  It will be flat water – no waves!


Lactic Turkey Events tries to do our bit for the environment and we’ve been #paperplasticcupfree for our trail runs for two years now.  We’ve sourced a new type of 220ml foldable/crushable reusable cup as per below.

Thanks to IronOak Financial Services, everyone will get one of these free for their first event, to use at our events or any other event that is cupless!

If you lose your cup for some reason then you can purchase replacements for $4.  These can be purchased at our online store HERE.

There will not be any paper/plastic cups at the aid stations throughout the day or at the finish line, so you will need to take this on the run with you to use.


  • Team members must stay together at all times. This means within unaided verbal contact. A team shall demonstrate compliance with this requirement with any event official or other team on request

  • All team members must visit and visibly sight the control they are scoring.

  • Not all out of bounds areas are marked on the map, but please respect private property and take care of the stock

  • Competitors should not discard litter – please pack it out

  • No GPS, but altimeters are allowed

  • Each competitor must carry all compulsory gear at all times whilst on the course.

  • In an emergency the competitor shall give a series of short blasts on their whistle. Any team hearing a distress signal must abandon their course and help in any way needed. There is cellphone coverage on most of the course so get in touch with us if anything happens


The idea of the Wild Auckland series is to introduce you to new parks and trails now that the Waitakere Ranges and increasingly more parks close due to Kauri Dieback.  The parks we take you to may not be closed but best practise dictates that we use the same principles of Kauri Dieback management in all regional parks.

We continue to work with the Auckland Council to ensure that we mitigate the risk of the event spreading Kauri dieback.  Through these measures and education of participants and supporters we ensure that we are using best practice to minimise the risk of spreading the disease that is affecting New Zealand’s greatest and most majestic native trees.

The event also aims to help raise awareness of the Kauri dieback issue to the wider public.

Please ensure you read all the information on Kauri dieback here which outlines what the issue is and what you can do – whether part of the event or in your training.  Lets all help raise awareness of the issue!


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